The Body Image Council includes faculty, staff, and student members. We welcome all interested members of the Bryn Mawr College community to join us! To get involved, contact student coordinators Iris Liu @ or Austen Hamilton @

Academic year 2016-2017 members include:

Austen Hamilton ’17, Student Coordinator (ahamilton@bmc)

Iris Liu ’19, Student Coordinator (qliu@bmc)

Laura Marzano Kemper, Athletic Trainer and Lecturer (lkemper@bmc)

Nikki Whitlock, Senior Lecturer and Head Coach, Athletics (nwhitlock@bmc)

Jason Hewitt, Lecturer and Head Coach, Athletics (jshewitt@bmc)

Reggie Jones, Director of Counseling (rjones@bmc)

BIC Members hosted BMC's first NEDA Walk, Spring 2010

BIC Members at BMC’s first NEDA Walk, Spring 2010Past Council Members Include:

Faith Daniels ’17, Former Student coordinator

Anne Clair Grammer ’16, Former Student coordinator

Kathy Tierney, Athletic Director

Jackie Ramsey, Director of Nursing Services, Health Center

Shobhi Kanal, Clinical Social Worker

Phoebe Jordan ’15, (Former Student Coordinator)

Jessica Coulter, ’10

Liz Frontino ’14, (Former Student Coordinator)

Mimi Murray, Former Campus Nutritionist

Karen Tidmarsh, Former Dean of the College

Catherine Owens, ’12

Ariana Pabalan, ’12

Paige Walker ’09, former student coordinator

Mary Nash Godden, ’08 (former student coordinator)

Laura Severance, ’07 (former student coordinator)

Molly Ahrens, ’03, Founder

Erin Dwight, ’02, Founder

Raima Evan, Dean

Dan Talbot, former athletics coach

Linda Caruso-Haviland, Director, Dance Program and Associate Professor of Dance