This post from one of the bloggers on Spike TV’s website infuriates me.

The true definition of a butterbody is a woman who has a beautiful face but a body that’s gone to butter. It’s like the butterface, but in reverse. If you are rich and famous, there is no excuse for being a butterbody. It’s your job to look fit and hot. Celebrities are not like normal people. They have the means to pay for a full time trainer and for someone to prepare their meals.

This is really just revolting.

Hilarious take on Diets

I love the podcast every thursday night called “infomania”. it’s a half hour program that airs (online) every thursday night that talks everything from politics to pop culture.

but hands down, my fav segment – the segment i LIVE for each week – is Target Women by Sarah Haskins. She is hilarious AND intelligent – image that combo.

Her Target Women episode this week is about diets. Check it out HERE.

anti-bulimia campaign

found this on my routine morning readover on feministing. It’s an anti-bulimia campaign in Germany. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the placement is a bit startling/triggering, but also thought provoking. I’m not crazy about the choice of pink (men suffer from bulimia too). Any thoughts? And i’d be also interested if anyone knows german, what the exact translation means.

Musician “too fat” for her music video?

Thanks for posting this, feministing.com, and thanks for bringing to the world’s attention how RIDICULOUS the music industry can act.

[Palmer] refused to let them remove shots of her “fat” belly from the video for Leeds United (see above), and is therefore “uncommercial”. This comes from a metal label where, I have it on good authority, “you can count the number of women on the fingers of one hand and most of the people on the label are decidedly chunky hairy dudes”.

Amanda’s fans are quite rightly outraged by this shoddy, sexist behaviour and have begun a Rebellyon, posting pictures of their own bellies on fan forum Shadowbox and sending them to Roadrunner in protest.

Article about Men, Self Image, and “Beautiful” women in Magazines

An article called, ” Steamy mags bad for men’s body image, too: Guys who check out sexy models feel like they don’t measure up, study says” was posted yesterday on MSNBC.com

I think it is important to talk about men’s body image, but I am also deeply distrubed the masoginistic and heteronormativity of this article and the survey’s it uses to back up.

Read the article for your self, but basically it talks about men who look at magazines like Maxim and the like, have lowered self image and heightened anxiety after looking at images of “beauitful” women. The sruvey tries is argued to show that men feel less attractive when they look at women they deemed extremely extracitve.

I think this whole article and the surveys included reek of a web of serious issues and assumptions. First of all, it makes me feel like they are blaming women for their self image. It also places women as an object of sexual desire, entangling this male self image with based on the fact that there is this “ideally sexualized” woman, which causes them to feel bad about themselves because they dont think “a girl like her” would have sex with them. Because OBVIOUSLY the women in the magazine are straight, or into men, or available for sleeping with them, like it’s their sole duty. like the only thing holding the men back from the sex they COULD have with these women is their own appearance (ie of COURSE these women want to have sex with them…)As if the women are supposed to be in a men’s magazine anyway? And dont just lump all men in the same category, make sure the call it “straight men’s magazines”. Call your target audience.


I know that this probably is coming out very jumbled, but take a look. And hopefully you will feel enraged too.


Basically, thanks for all of the assumptions in your survey, and for blaming women for men’s lowered self image.