Fat Talk Free Week!

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the Tri Delta sorority and Academy for Eating Disorders fellow Carolyn Becker of Trinity University began co-developing the Reflections body image program, “the first peer-led, evidence-based eating disorders prevention program shown to truly work.” After 12,000 hours of research on Reflections at 12 major universities, they’re now launching the program nationwide with Fat Talk Free Week. 

What is Fat Talk Free Week? It’s five days of nationwide events during which women are encouraged to quit talking smack about their own bodies and other women’s. (“I need to lose 10 pounds.” “She’s too fat to be wearing that.” “My thighs are so huge.” Et frickin’ cetera.) The cumulative effect of those little statements does a number on one’s self-image, and studies on the Reflections program have shown that knocking off the fat talk really can — forgive me — help ya help ya help ya.