This post from one of the bloggers on Spike TV’s website infuriates me.

The true definition of a butterbody is a woman who has a beautiful face but a body that’s gone to butter. It’s like the butterface, but in reverse. If you are rich and famous, there is no excuse for being a butterbody. It’s your job to look fit and hot. Celebrities are not like normal people. They have the means to pay for a full time trainer and for someone to prepare their meals.

This is really just revolting.

Hilarious take on Diets

I love the podcast every thursday night called “infomania”. it’s a half hour program that airs (online) every thursday night that talks everything from politics to pop culture.

but hands down, my fav segment – the segment i LIVE for each week – is Target Women by Sarah Haskins. She is hilarious AND intelligent – image that combo.

Her Target Women episode this week is about diets. Check it out HERE.

anti-bulimia campaign

found this on my routine morning readover on feministing. It’s an anti-bulimia campaign in Germany. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the placement is a bit startling/triggering, but also thought provoking. I’m not crazy about the choice of pink (men suffer from bulimia too). Any thoughts? And i’d be also interested if anyone knows german, what the exact translation means.

Cool ad campaign for Canadian Teens

What a cool idea.

“The goal is to have young people from around B.C. share their thoughts on what makes themselves, their friends and family beautiful,” says Shawn Smith, marketing and communications co-ordinator, Jessie’s Hope Society. “We’re looking for positive messages focusing on health and resiliency that can help other young people as they deal with issues such as peer pressure, body image, bullying and more.”

Maybe we could try something like this at bryn mawr?

More News

This is a great new book for kids to explore body image differences. Mad props to authors Alix Redmonde and George Fischer.

Also, check out the article in the previous post about Video Games and Body Images. I’d like to point out that this is should be a “no duh” for many, but i still think the study is interesting. Basically, they found that men who played 15 minutes of a wrestling video game and women that played 15 minutes of a beach volley ball game had lowered self esteem and body image. However, I think it’s unfair to compare men and women in the same category.

Isnt it a bit unfair, since men and women’s self image arent necessarily starting at the same place? Until we have a store at the mall thats the equal to Victoria’s Secret, but for men, i think that these studies need to stop looking at both men AND women in the same way around issues of body image. Have men ever been critiqued on appearance the way Hilary Clinton was in the last election? I didnt think so. So, scientists, thanks for studying body image and looking at it. But please stop pretending that men and women are on an equal playing field when it comes to these issues.

Its Great to be Different New Childrens Body Image Book